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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Brighton Fresh From The Streets

This weekend Brighton Fresh will be doing a street trend photoshoot in Brighton. Its going to be the first shoot like this that we will have done as a team. Chinyere Eze will be taking care of styling and Jim Deal will be behind the lens. I will be co-ordinating, getting busy and generally being in the way. If you want to have your picture taken in your Sunday best, we will be on Kensington Street by the graf houses between 1pm-2.30pm Sunday 26th April. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Small Dog Gift Shop

The Small Dog Gift Shop is a fun new project from Brighton Fresh. Currently only available to order in Europe but we are working on a shop that works for the rest of you nutty little Earthlings muuhahahaha (crazy taking over the world laugh). Check it out here.

Inside Your Wardrobe

Brighton Fresh wants to see the top 5 most worn objects inside your wardrobe for an upcoming project. If you would like to show us the items which you wear the most, then send pics in any format to Please add your name, age, location and occupation. We will be contacting our favourites for more info and further snooping. There will be prize incentives and the possibility to become a trend reporter for our trend website which we hope to get running later this year. More details on this project coming soon.

I will probably blog a selection of the photos you send in here. So if you would rather i didnt, please say so when you send your pics.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Fresh From The Berlin Streets

Want to keep up-to-date with street trends? Brighton Fresh has started up 'Fresh from The Streets' Please click here to see the full shoot and to visit our sister blog.featuring street shoots from around the world. Watch this space for new postings.

First street shoot coming straight out of Berlin for Ester 2009. Contributed by Bruce Hamilton, stylist based in Berlin.

Interesting way to light up bed time

Brighton Fresh loves gadgets, multi-function gadgets are even better. So when i came across this dildo last night (hmmm maybe i should change the wording on that sentence!) I thought that it needed sharing. This bedsite lamp created by Italian designer Matteo Clibic gives inventors hope that not everything in this post- modern age, has already been done! For more detailed information and pics click here.

Friday, 10 April 2009

The Kyoto Box

FT Climate Challenge - The 2009 competition

The Kyoto Box
A solar-powered cardboard
cooker which aims to transform the lives of
hundreds of millions of villagers in developing
countries is the winner of the FT global competition
for innovation to tackle climate change.

Forum For The Future

If you want to know more about the competition, check out the FT Climate Challenge website. If you are interested in finding out about green issues and would like some insight into what the future holds for our global climate, then download the Climate Futures report here.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cherchbi - Very British Accessories

For those of you in the know, Cherchbi is a relatively new accessories company coming direct from the UK. The leather bags are extremely well crafted and hard wearing. This is quality of the highest order and would look perfect carried around by that true English gentleman, topped off with a sharp suit and umbrella, well in my mind anyway. In reality these bags and other accessories are about timeless design and would compliment any outfit. This may be Cherchbi's first collection under his own identity but it comes after a long history of accessory design within the industry from Fenchurch to Nike. After mass producing products out in Asia for large commercial companies, Cherchbi had the urge to go against the trend of throw away fashion and create objects of timelessness, worth, function and reliability. All products are produced in the UK and utilise natural, sustainable and recyclable materials.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Facebook Group

Brighton Fresh has discovered a new social network tool, it's called Facebook. I think we might be the first people to use this new site and would like to be the first person to introduce it to you. Hold on whats this...Myspace? Wow what discoveries i am making....anyway enough rubbish, why not join my facebook group.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Glitch Music

Glitch is an electronic musical form in which imperfections, digital distortion and general matrix-style glitchyness are used to replace instruments to make up the beat or the rhythm of the music. The resulting sound is slightly awkward but when done well can create beautiful interestingly crafted tracks. Although the art form has been around for a while, in the last few years there have been some notably great albums dropping. Probably the leader of the new wave of Glitch or Glitch-Hop would have to be edIT from the Glitch Mob, His albums Crying Over pros for no Reason and Certified Air Raid Material are both landmark albums in the genre. But glitch is not just a musical form it has also become popular as an art form. It works by using 'interference' which breaks up the image, kind of like when your TV freezes, or your printer inks start running out, or you are stuck on a page which is half loaded. Sometimes its those unique beautiful imperfections in life that make things so perfect.

Two-Thousand-Ten or Twenty-Ten?

Retro Futuristic
Two-thousand X is just around the corner.“I have seen the future, and it’s very much like the present, only longer” Woody Allen. In this blog i wanted to show you the future as viewed from the past.

Aurthur C Clarke, the visionary, well known for his 2001 A Space Odyssey, which was beautifully adapted to the screen by Stanley Kubrick, was followed up in 1982 with Clarkes second book in the series 2010 A Space Odyssey Two. With the film adaptation following in 1984, unfortunately not directed by Kubrick. But we were still left with some great retro images of the future.

Moving on in a similar vein. Capcom who have notably been having gamers salivating in 2009 with the most anticipated releases to hit the shelves including Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5, hit us with their own vision of the future. Back in 1990 Capcom released Street Fighter 2010 for the NES, they could see exactly where the Street Fighter franchise would take them! Personally i love the whole pixelated computer graphics. For anyone who remembers the days when arcade machines such as Space Invaders and Donkey Kong made celebrities out of puberty stricken geeks, make sure you check out the genius documentary film 'Chasing Ghosts'

And to finish off my 2010 the retro years, did anyone actually catch Knight Rider 2010 back in the early 90's? I'm glad to say that i didnt but at least it leaves us with one good vision for 2010, no David Hasselhof!!

Discarded Technology

I found this Playstation in my local park which has made me want to do a piece on discarded technology. What happens to all those gadgets and all that high tech wizardry that no longer cuts it in todays fast paced world? If you have any interesting pics or articles relating to this, maybe you spotted a VHS-C palmcorder on your trip to the New Forest, or you have a Sega Mega-CD keeping your shed door open or possibly CD drinks coasters in your local pub. Please post your pics here and it might stop me having random thoughts about random electrical objects.

Travel Tees - Speaking without words

A pic of me with one of my new travel tshirts which you can buy here. If you have purchased one of my products, or you purchase one in the future, it would be great to get an upload of it being worn, preferably in a far more exotic location than my back garden ;-)

Vancouver Mascot Winter olympics 2010

Possibly the best sporting event mascots ever. Check out the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 mascot by Meomi.